The ammo used to shoot the lemon in this graphic is called a “Radically Invasive Projectile” (RIP, get it?); it is a copper bullet that explodes when it hits a target (i.e., a human being) sending pieces screaming through vital organs and clearing a path for the bullet’s core to travel deeper through a person.

I’d also like to add that the military group that this kind of weaponry is made for is FOCUSED on one thing, the enemy. When both the military and law enforcement train, they are focused on possible threats to their welfare, and if you’re already scared of Group A or Group B, you’re looking for something within that group that will trigger those fears (hence white cops shoot unarmed Black people).

Arming teachers totally removes their main focus and many will be led to perceive the slightest things as a threat. If a teacher works with kids from Group A, for example, and has taken a lot of guff from one of them, they switch their thinking to what they’ve been taught about “possible threats,” and that kid can become the enemy, a threat, in the blink of an eye.

There are many people, male and female, who make excellent soldiers and law enforcement officers, but wouldn’t make good teachers, and vice versa. Just giving someone a gun can NEVER prepare you for what it can do. Also, keep in mind that all who serve are NOT brave, nor heroes, just ordinary people trying to live another day.

The minute a teacher is in the midst of a roomful of screaming, panicking, injured kids, that gun will be the last thing on their minds, just like that deputy. That fear of being hurt is real and you can’t pay someone $40K(+/-) and expect them to do double duty as an armed guard AND a teacher; it’s not only not fair nor just, it isn’t on their job descriptions.

And, I have other questions like, how will the schools afford the liability of arming teachers? How will they afford the onslaught of law suits for drawing a weapon in a situation that wouldn’t ordinarily call for such extreme behavior?

Better yet: How can you prepare a teacher to KILL someone? In those cases of being attacked, that’s the purpose of a weapon (if you haven’t considered this) is to kill, not to maim, not to distract, not to disarm. KILL! And with death comes images that you will NEVER erase from your memory. That’s not TV stuff to see body parts scattered around you, that’s a life-altering event, one even law enforcement and military have to have therapy for to treat the PTSD that goes along with that.

Few soldiers come back from active engaged military duty and want to sign up for killing people again; most come back with PTSD from seeing all the blood and gore they experienced. Our country needs to STOP taking directions from a man (whose name I refuse to write here) who has never served a day of military service, nor law enforcement, in his life. This man has shot inanimate things, but I can’t believe that he’s ever seen a head, body, or limb, explode in front of him and be left with those images.

Like we see on many of the memes going around now (about low pay for teachers), if you can’t afford to pay teachers decent salaries, nor give them access to the newest books and classroom supplies, how DARE you say that you’re willing to spend $20-40K on EVERY SINGLE gun. How DARE you tell me that my kids and family who are teachers will become involuntary killers! That chit changes people–PERMANENTLY.

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