Living Life in Reverse

We live life in the wrong order. We spend most of our youth in school, then working at some job or other that we really have no passion for just to pay off the debt of that schooling, and then retire when we are too old or too infirmed to have the kind of adventures we should have had, with little monies left to enjoy ourselves. It is what our parents did, and their parents before them, so we continue the process as if it’s programmed into our DNA. But it isn’t.

What should be happening is that when we leave school, we should get a government pension for ten years to be adventurous with a REQUIRMENT to travel to find what we love and/or have a passion for. Everyone should be issued a passport with their birth certificate, have it activated upon graduating from high school and must travel out of the country during their ten-year hiatus after high school.

Just think about it, if kids have a goal of going to Switzerland after graduation, for example, they are less likely to get pregnant because their minds are focused on a loftier goal. Gangs would be nonexistent because people’s worldview are more expanded, which is detrimental to gang affiliation and mentality.

I believe that when a person has a worldview of life, they become more compassionate and/or understanding about how others live and have less inclination to destroy that which they don’t understand. That will greatly enrich any college studies, because people have more of a sense about who they are and what they want out of life. And most of all, graduation rates would increase astronomically because only people who want to go to college will go to college. Businesses can only recruit from the population that’s been out of high school for ten years. Sports are the only exception because those years are when our bodies can take the beating that sports programs demand.

If this was the case, this country wouldn’t be owned by a handful of old white men because there would be much fewer mindless lemmings to follow someone spouting untruths. People would be more knowledgeable about money, spending, buying, and investments so the debts incurred would decrease significantly.

Just a thought.



The Complainer

Her favorite person came at her with sharp tongue. Despite that, she asked of her, “How are you doing these days?” in a most pleasant tone.

“How come you’re always in my business?” came the reply.

Not sure why that was offensive, she stopped asking questions of her.

When sharp tongue asked her how she looked in a certain outfit, her reply wasn’t offensive, nor was it complimentary, it was akin to… meh.

“You are always criticizing,” she accused.

Not sure how or when she criticized, she stopped talking.

The sharp tongue bit again the next time she saw her, “You are always hearing things wrong,” she said forcefully.

Not sure how or when or what she heard wrong, she stopped listening and busied her mind with other things when the sharp tongue was speaking.

Undeterred, the sharp tongue snipped at her at their next meeting with, “You always see the negative side of things,” she said cuttingly.

Not sure how or when, she stopped looking when sharp tongue was nearby.

Thinking she was winning, the sharp tongue bristled at her the next time with, “Why is it you always notice when bad things happen.”

Only left with intuition, she chose to become energy and–left.

The sharp tongue cried, clasped hands to her breast and lamented to all who could hear her, “Why is she never around when I need her?”