The Complainer

Her favorite person came at her with sharp tongue. Despite that, she asked of her, “How are you doing these days?” in a most pleasant tone.

“How come you’re always in my business?” came the reply.

Not sure why that was offensive, she stopped asking questions of her.

When sharp tongue asked her how she looked in a certain outfit, her reply wasn’t offensive, nor was it complimentary, it was akin to… meh.

“You are always criticizing,” she accused.

Not sure how or when she criticized, she stopped talking.

The sharp tongue bit again the next time she saw her, “You are always hearing things wrong,” she said forcefully.

Not sure how or when or what she heard wrong, she stopped listening and busied her mind with other things when the sharp tongue was speaking.

Undeterred, the sharp tongue snipped at her at their next meeting with, “You always see the negative side of things,” she said cuttingly.

Not sure how or when, she stopped looking when sharp tongue was nearby.

Thinking she was winning, the sharp tongue bristled at her the next time with, “Why is it you always notice when bad things happen.”

Only left with intuition, she chose to become energy and–left.

The sharp tongue cried, clasped hands to her breast and lamented to all who could hear her, “Why is she never around when I need her?”

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