Yes, white women are complicit in killing us

I recently responded to a post:

“16 Women vs. Donald Trump

Being Liberal

(W) 16 women have come forward to report being sexually harassed or assaulted by Donald J. Trump. Isn’t it time to hold the most powerful, and public, figure in America to account?”

This included a video where 16 women talked about how dolt45 (I refuse to intentionally write his name) assaulted them on some level and it infuriated me so much that I had to respond as follows:

All you white women voters, don’t tell me about how much you want rights and equality when you defiantly, against ALL evidence to the contrary, consciously voted for this ass who, from the outset, in his very own voice, told you what a worm he was, and showed you/told you how he demeaned women.

Add to that he hung out with like-minded worms and human(?) vermin that he appointed into leadership and more powerful positions as soon as he got into office. To date, all of them together have worked to strip you and all women of any rights you have of your own body and livelihood…, of any rights WE have of our own bodies and livelihoods.

Your ancestors, in their time, did something similar with the Plessy v Ferguson suit when the Supreme Court issued that infamous “separate but equal” verdict to keep Blacks from becoming independent by any means necessary. You need to own that, too.

Your female ancestors formed groups like the daughters of the American revolution and united daughters of the confederacy (lower case intentional) to make sure white supremacy remained in control over education, the workplace, laws, written history, and any thoughts of fair play by guiding your men like puppets on strings and crying rape when you felt they were becoming too complacent.

And your female ancestors also used intimidation in the form of erecting statues of the losers of wars and shaming any white man or woman who didn’t buy into what hate they were peddling, by shaming them into silence, shunning them, targeting their families and children, and withdrawing support of their businesses (yes, they were too weak to fight).

And in this generation—to this day, you’re doing it again by supporting white men who abuse, rape, or in some way molest, the young, the innocent, the children, and the women (even white women) who won’t fall into lockstep with your evil agenda by making the worse of your lot the commander(molester)-in-chief. You collude with the petty powerful upon the weaker/weakest to maintain that behind-the-scenes control when it suits you, as easily as you plead ignorance of worldly situations when it suits you.

To this day your collective bodies STILL question a Black woman who cries rape (Lupita Nyong’O v Harvey Weinstein) while “praying for” all the other white women Weinstein brutalized over the years. You (the collective) are hypocrites to justice, equality, and a detriment to the forward movement of this country—this world.

And just so there’s no confusion, I’m using the umbrella “collective” as you do to Black people—as if Black people are a solid mass, whole groups of people you refer to as “them,” as if they are all an inseparable group, which it certainly isn’t.

All of you should look at and within yourselves and see that as a (generalized) collective, you have done more damage to humankind across the world than the duration of any war. And while some of you boast not being an active participant in that destruction, you sat passively by as you watched your sisters cause harm that you could have—should have stopped.

If you are ever puzzled as to why women of color don’t consider you as “woke” as you think you are, you need to stop running from history, sit your collective asses down, and read a book to learn how your collective actions are still working against the possibility of us having a better nation.

What you need to do is to understand at a biological level that your race is no better than any other. You need to stop using the Bible to support your hate, indifference, and intolerance.

You need to “get it” that it will only be with the collective genius of ALL ethnic groups that we will have a future worth living. And that each time you allow a Black child, or other person of color be assassinated while you stand by passively wondering “what did he do that we didn’t see on camera” when someone is beaten mercilessly, you just may be losing another link to the creation of something wonderful that may help you or your loved one survive in the future.

Stop acting as if you had the wherewithal to know how to do all it takes to run a city, state, country without other cultures—you don’t, and the failure shown in the constant turnover of your leader’s choices for positions they are incompetent at should be a big clue. God made us to be interdependent, that’s why there are so many different cultures. To deny that is to align yourselves more with terrorists who also believe in intolerance like ISIS with Sharia Laws rather than true American values.

Start with “The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration,” by Isabel Wilkerson. It is history written into a novel that will keep you spellbound.

It’s YOU, white women, your lack of knowledge, your lack understanding of other cultures, your lack of an understanding of your own heritage and how it has impacted others, your lack of understanding of the history of all others; it’s YOU–your ignorance is killing us all.


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